Join the movement! Vamos a la Milpa!

Join us for the launch of

Vamos a la Milpa

Wednesday, September 16 at 10AM (Honduras Time/USA MDT)


What is La Milpa

La Milpa is solidarity.

La Milpa fosters unity – the land, the water, and the people are bound together in hope.

La Milpa is political.

La Milpa provides daily bread with equity and in harmony with the environment.

La Milpa is life.

La Milpa is rooted in creation, nourishing with encouragement and love.

Video Blogs

Share Foundation in Solidarity

As the food and hunger crisis in Honduras deepens, Vamos a la Milpa, a project of the SHARE Foundation and Friends of Honduras, aims to achieve food security by resurrecting the tradition of planting vegetable gardens of corn, beans, squash, and potatoes in small plots of land and /or pots in every home.

Take the Pledge!

We the undersigned pledge our assistance to the people of Honduras who struggle for food security in the midst of government repression and the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • We support the right of all people to secure food as a basic human right.  We support this right of the people of Honduras by reclaiming the Milpa as a method of food production and the reclaiming of hope by fostering the spirit of community.
  • We defend this right to food security and sovereignty by advocating with our elected political leaders in the United States through linking these demands with broader political issues that affect the region.
  • We promise to promote the Milpa Campaign by establishing a covenant of solidarity with our Honduran brothers and sisters.  In the words of Rotilio Grande, “nos salvamos en racimo!” Together we save ourselves!  

I will take the pledge!