The Milpa Basket Project

What’s in a Milpa Basket? The basket will include a Bag of Native Seeds, Tool Kit for planting the Milpa and 10 Activities that will reach 400 families directly and 10,000 families indirectly

  • A Native Bag of Seeds may include corn, beans, yucca, plantain, chayote, pumpkin, tomato, mustard, radish, chili pepper, potato, pineapple, melon, watermelon, trees of orange, avocado, mango, guanaba, guava, medicinal plants to strengthen the immune system against COVID 19 (epazote, eucalyptus, ginger, chamomile, pepper, cinchona, aloe vera), and flowers.
  • Tool Kit for planting a Milpa includes: machete, cuma, shovel, rake, pick, pruning knife, digging fork, dibber, trowel, wire, rope; comal, metate grinding stone, woven baskets. 
  • Ten Milpa Activities:
    1. Provide Educational workshops, seminars, meetings in different territories & the promotion of regional exchange of women
    2. Promote Agro-Ecology experimentation center & sharing knowledge
    3. Produce & disseminate educational, audiovisual materials
    4. Introduce diversification of crops with native seed & agro-ecological techniques
    5. Support legal initiatives for promotion of land access & land title procurement
    6. Purchase and distribute native seed and tools necessary for planting a Milpa 
    7. Promote community fairs/farmers markets, Mercado Solidario for purchase and sale of products
    8. Promote the Congress of the Milpa with national and international participation.
    9. Milpa delegations to Honduras to visit families & celebrate the Milpa model (7 to 17 of May 2021)
    10. Milpa farmers to visit the USA to Plant Seeds of Solidarity (Fall 2021)

You can help! Your contribution to Vamos a la Milpa will provide for:

  • A Milpa Basket for $450
  • A Native Bag of Seeds for $45 to cover 1/4 of a manzana (just about half an acre)
  • Tools Kit for planting a Milpa for $30
  • Medicinal plants $10
  • A fruit tree $5
  • One of the Ten Milpa Activities $2,500 to $5,000
  • Purchase land for a cooperative/collective of families $20,000

We invite you to donate online or send a check to SHARE Foundation/Vamos a la Milpa 2425 College Ave. Berkeley CA 94704

Vamos a la Milpa!

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